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This entry marks my last journal post on this site, and the start of new ventures. I've been compiling stories about the lives of refugees over the past year and will post these on lostgenerations.blogspot.com. Thanks to all my online friends for letting me bounce my rants, and a few individuals who know me and my quirky sense of humor. Wish you all the best and look forward to hearing from you!
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Here's White House Press Secretary Tony Snow spewing his venom to a frustrated press corps. Iran is trying to undermine democracy in iraq and elsewhere, he says.

Hmmph. Sounds fantastic if only it were true. If only the entire history of post-WWII Iran weren't overflowed with tales of CIA led coups against elected leaders and the installation of brutal, oppressive regimes. What a snake!

I bet Heart News Columnist Helen Thomas's panties were bunched when she heard this today following the president's recent announcement to negotiate with Axis of Evil cardholders in Iran. I wonder how many times has Helen heard that crap about not negotiating with terrorists going way back to Reagan.

Oh here we go again praying on the public's stupidity.

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It seems like that long grueling election was just yesterday, but a whole month has passed! Now that the news of victory has sunk in, my optimism has been replaced with caution. Mostly the democrats have been preoccupied gloating, cheering and treating their wins like Monday night football.

True the results were a surprise to everyone. And true no one's had a chance to step foot in office. But I foresee democrats losing two years from now, as their delusional self-aggrandizement overcome them. I want investigations. I want Cheney, Rumsfeld and Rice klans in jail. I want the Bush girls sent to fight the war in Iraq.

What I don't want is this pansy ass make nicey crap with the administration at the expense of the world's misery. I don't want the truth to be whitewashed and lost from history. Oh and I definitely don't want the middle east to continue its path of self destruction while our consulting companies, oil executives and lowest forms of life make billions on billions.

Hope I'm wrong.
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No one has taken me up on my fried chicken bet. So either everyone is on a health food kick, or no one is up for getting these shitheads out of office. I'm sure not all Republicans are child molesters like Rep. Foley, but they've certainly exceeded the level of hypocrisy that I'm willing to tolerate.

This weekend was one of the most pathetic campaign runs. I uncovered five Allen supporters, yeah the same Mucaca guy, but only three Webb supporters. Apparently our guy is falling behind cause of an ad accusing Webb of plans to raise taxes.

In the midst of one of the most hotly contested races in the country, no one is talking about voting machines. I've asked several people why a supposedly advanced civilized country such as ours can't have paper receipts for our votes. No answer.

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Once you are parodied on Saturday Night Live, then please recognize there is no turning back for you. Just admit you are a blubbering hillbilly redneck and move on with your life. Stop trying to pretend you are this guy with class and integrity after burning crosses on black people's homes while wearing a white sheet on your head.

Perhaps I'm exaggerating slightly, but not in spirit! This SNL image of George Allen is seared into my brain not because it is an exaggeration, but because its so true that the senator and former governor in virginia was straight up racist: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s_5RRBNjM_w ... It's absolutely hilarious!!

This epitomizes our campaign season. I started working as the outreach coordinator for our local party, so i keep up with all the muslinging. I think Allen has spent a gazillion dollars on demonizing our candidate, Jim Webb, who will surely kick his ass in next months elections.

Well dont just listen to me! Watch and see what happens for yourself. If Webb loses, I promise any of you guys a bucket of fried chicken. You've got to claim your rights to hold me to it!
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Mucaca is a type of monkey, for those of you who are have been deprived of derogatory terminology.

I don't attend local Democratic Party functions for my health. My idea of a good time is not to sit around with a group of 30 or so senior citizens and complain. I'm there cause I have no choice. Why?

Let's just say there stunning parallels between the Virginia Senate Race and the presidential election of 2004...

You've got George Allen representing fanatic psychos on the right ... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2jL3-JLHrRo

You think I'm joking? Well the Republican contender even managed to find a couple of black people and other ethnic groups to pose as his friends, even after his infamous "Mucaca" video...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pL3Q9gUEvtA

Then you've got Jim Webb, former Republican turned Democrat, and a decorated war veteran who has written eight books.

The choice seems logical but in the presidential race, the voters chose the illiterate guy.

That's why I now find myself at lame Democratic Party functions where I am by far the youngest person. In our last meeting, the average age out of 30 people in the room was 60. If it weren't for me and a couple of IT volunteers, it might have been an average of 75.
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Just how disorganized are the democrats? I first signed up with my local branch as a volunteer in July. I emailed two of the organizers and posted my photo and a message saying I was looking forward to volunteering with the local party. I never heard back so I emailed several people in the state office. I never heard back so I filled out a volunteer form on the national party's website. I never heard back so I emailed the local Republican party. Guess how long it took them to respond? 24 hours and with two people emailing me all kinds of detailed information about their activities.

Who do you think has the upper hand in the midterm elections?

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My overseas experience also reinforced the fact that I must be living in a fascist country. Why do other countries get to have political parties and functioning governments while all we get are right-wing fruitcakes?

Just to give you an idea of what I have to deal with, today Fox News dirtbag Neil Cavuto AGAIN invited dramaqueen Ann Coulter to help her plug her dumb book "Godless: The Church of Liberalism." The discussion over whether America's two-party system had begun to crack mades it the umpteenth time the fellow Republican appeared on the show, where she evidently feels safe enough to get in all her liberal hate speech.

To illustrate Coulter's belief in America's two-party system, she in an earlier show suggested "deporting all liberals ... and (THEN) ... deal with Israel." Of course she was responding to Cavuto's question of how she would deal with diplomacy between Hezbollah and Israel, if only she were president.

While Fox and "fair and balanced" news agencies work effortlessly to bring fascism to our doorsteps, the deadbeat Democratic party leaders continue to look stupid. I wish Ann weren't so right. I wish the DNC could do more than whore themselves for cash. I wish we had another choice other than to implement Ann's dream of deporting the Jews ... I mean liberals! in a good old fashioned one-party state.

It should be easy to find another fascist to replace GW in '08 ...http://alternet.org/blogs/video/40755/
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This journal was inspired by my travels to the Netherlands and Belgium over the past year. The months I spent in Belgium last summer, and across Europe, were the first time I traveled overseas on my own. I was fascinated by the political unification of so many different cultures, languages and economies. A defining feature was a general dislike of Americans. I'm not only referring to Parisians and depressed Belgians. Across Europe, the view of American as liberators has all but vanished. In its place is a resentment toward a nation more concerned about film and celebrity than the rest of the world. It was such a contrast to see the global debate reduced to "other news" and inside pages on American stations.

It's no wonder they hate us! It's not just our gun-toting, word-inventing, bumbling president. I spent six more months abroad as a student (Jan-Jun 2006) and realized the situation was worse than I'd thought. The views of once tolerant Western Europeans had begun to blur with a militant brand of Islam. There's no reason to worry over here though. Not with more than 100 cable stations scheduled to air reality television, shows about depressed housewives, and all kinds of dumb shit. Not with countless fast food chains and restaurants, brands of shampoos and consumer crap, and even more stupid shit to occupy your time with.

Some news gets reported seriously though. CNN's reporter Alina Cho last week questioned a guest why we shouldn't use racial profiling to peg down terrorist suspects. But Muslims and terrorists come in all shapes and colors, argued her guest. Cho reasons racial profiling is politically popular, well justified way to tackle the terrorist. I mean we're at war here. These Mother*%@^ing foreigners are a threat and we need to know who they are. It would be brilliant if we can round up all the Muslims and make them wear some sort of armband or symbol. Heil Hitler, Cho!

Actually, CNN actually does a good job on their domestic news. Today, a poll showed that Iranian President Ahmadinejad had a 24 point lead against George W with a total of 90,000 votes cast online (please see http://www.cnn.com/ and click on the Quickvote at the bottom right of the page). The question... Who would win a debate over world events. Congratulations, our war against terrorism is going really well! The world can thank us later...
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